Internet Defamation Lawsuit Examples

Every two weeks, we try to post a summary of a recent Internet defamation lawsuit making its way through the courts.

Is Free Speech a Valid Defense Against Internet Defamation?

The People vs. Larry Flynt was a great flick. Woody Harrelson played the notoriously difficult Hustler founder, Larry Flint, and Courtney Love portrayed Flynt’s, drug-addled wife, Althea. We often hear of life imitating art; in the case of Courtney Love, that almost happened earlier this month. Like her character in the movie, Love was on Read More

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Court Orders Online News Publications to Reveal Sources in Internet Defamation Lawsuit

This month, an Indianapolis court ruled in favor of an Internet defamation claimant when it ordered a news outlet to reveal identifying information about anonymous posters. This Marion County edict could set legal precedence that makes the Web a little less user friendly for the average American. Internet defamation is becoming a prevalent problem. Nowadays, Read More

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