Internet Defamation Lawsuit Examples

Every two weeks, we try to post a summary of a recent Internet defamation lawsuit making its way through the courts.

international online defamation case study: wine bloggers

Gripes over Grapes: International Internet Defamation in the Wine World

Mon Dieu! Wine gossips were smirking and tutting over an international Internet  defamation dust-up. An industry commentator, popular for parodying oenophiles, spilled some satirical shade on a well-known wine glass maker. A lawsuit was threatened, but civility – and a joint statement – prevailed. Despite the quick detente, the case is worth a gander, as Read More

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Internet defamation case study: blogger v. gawker

Infamous Blogger Files Internet Defamation Lawsuit Against Gawker.

Gawker Media (“Gawker”) is the target of yet another high-octane Internet defamation lawsuit. This time, the infamously litigious and polemical blogger Chuck Johnson is going after the Internet media company for online libel. Why? The explains (selected excerpts from the article): “In the complaint, Johnson seeks at least $66 million for what he claims Read More

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YouTube Video Leads To Defamation Litigation

About three years ago, former Marine, Don Gaita, produced a video and posted it online. Like many YouTube screeds, Gaita’s video dealt with his political opinions. It incorporated footage of Marines training, and mentioned two local public figures, Matt Knickerbocker and Gary Chesley, the town’s First Selectman and School Superintendent, respectively. Knickerboker and Chesley were Read More

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Boeheim Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed; Gloria Allred Reportedly Pissed

Last Friday, a judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit targeting Syracuse University’s men’s basketball coach, Jim Boeheim. The suit was filed by two former ball boys, Bobby Davis and Michael Lang. The men received national news attention when they accused an assistant coach for Syracuse’s basketball program, Bernie Fine, of sexually abusing them. The alleged abuse Read More

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Online Defamation Doubles In The United Kingdom

Internet libel is officially an international epidemic! Authorities in the United Kingdom are currently in the process of updating their online defamation laws. In an effort to protect both website operators and defamed citizens, parliamentarians want to establish more structured slander and libel statutes. Sweet and Maxwell, a research firm out of the UK, recently Read More

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A Florida Boating Accident Leads to an Internet Defamation Lawsuit

There’s a doozie of an online defamation lawsuit currently working its way through the Florida courts. Dr. Robert Nicosia is facing both criminal and civil suits due to 2009 boating accident. To make matters more complicated, Nicosia has also filed a suit against boating accident witness, Lisa Rollins, which alleges online defamation. Rollins has also Read More

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