Meet Aaron Kelly

Aaron M. Kelly is the founding member of The Kelly Law Firm, which specializes in business and Internet law. A trusted expert in online issues, Mr. Kelly has a client roster that includes professionals from all sides of the online community – affiliate networks, affiliate marketers, direct marketers, advertisers, online auction sites, search engine optimization (SEO) companies, web hosting companies and venture capitalists. Mr. Kelly also serves as general counsel to ad networks and internet based companies.  He is also an experienced lecturer and author on numerous web-based topics, whose speaking engagements include tips on Internet marketing, online discovery tactics, social media and FTC guidelines and regulations.

Mr. Kelly combines his education with hands-on experience, which provides him with strong, up to date knowledge of the issues that face our increasingly online-driven world.  In addition to his law firm, Mr. Kelly also owns an internet marketing/consulting firm as well as a lead generation company for lawyers.  Mr. Kelly also manages hundreds of websites and frequently serves as the host for online forum discussions focused on Internet marketing.

Aaron is also strong supporter of innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, and has sponsored numerous events focused on helping new startups.  With connections to members working in all corners of the Internet, entrepreneurial and startup communities, he goes beyond the basics of his role as legal council to connect people who could mutually benefit from an introduction or interaction. Mr. Kelly is committed to creating and fostering relationships that lead to the growth and success of each of his clients – and many long-term business associations have been created as a result.

In addition to his work in entrepreneurial and Internet environments, Aaron M. Kelly is an active and respected member of the Arizona legal community, holding a number of professional leadership positions. He serves as both the Chairman of the Continuing Legal Education Committee and Vice Chairman of the Membership Committee for the Arizona Association for Justice. He balances these locally-focused roles with participation in the membership committee of the American Association for Justice.

Mr. Kelly also holds the trusted position of Vice Chairman of the State Bar of Arizona’s Member Assistance Committee. In this role, he provides confidential peer support and assistance to lawyers who suffer from chemical dependency, addiction, stress, mental or physical health issues and any other problems that affect their lives and legal practices. This compassion, discretion and willingness to address sensitive issues head on are an asset not only to his colleagues, but all who choose to engage in a professional relationship.

Aaron M. Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. He later went on to receive his law degree from the Michigan State University College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in both the state of Arizona and in Michigan.

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