Internet Defamation Lawsuits: You Can Fight Back

Defamation law has been reviewed and refined over the last 100 years. Massive changes were made during the civil rights movement and now, a decade into the technological 21st century, slander and libel is once again a hot area of law.The Internet is here to stay and social media is growing by leaps and bounds. While the Web allows those with limited budgets to market and advertise to a huge market, it’s also equally possible for competitors to maliciously befoul you, your products or services for the sole purpose of hurting your business and helping theirs. Acting in such a manner is not only immature and cowardly, but it’s also illegal.

Moreover, many websites refuse to take down user comments and posts. Site operators often cite the First Amendment and free speech standards as a reason for their refusal. However, when statements made are false, in most cases, the First Amendment doesn’t provide protection.  In other words, there are legal remedies at your disposal and you can fight back.

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